Říčany school

Profiling the elementary school

The priority is to develop a versatile personality of each pupil, based on providing quality general educacation with an emphasis on:

  • Good knowledge of two foreign languages
  • Ability to work with computers
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Compliance with the socio-ethical code

Further steps are taken to focus on school science, in line with healthy lifestyle, Leeds of sustainable development and environmental education with orientation on:

  • Physical education and sports activities
  • Care of greenem, animals, planting and craft work
  • Creating relationship to the place where students come from and where they live

The school is counting on a classical structure of subjects and evaluation of results of pupils. Achieve interesting, attractive and effective teaching is possible using proven methods and leasing styles. Prepared to offer broad-school extracurricular activities and an extensit range of events related to teaching. Everything is designed to encourage the participation of pupils in school.

School is not only educational institution but also a place where you can také a lot of interesting things and can not be underwood only as a device with the operation only in school hours.

Communication of school with parentel public is neceséry condition for the proper functioning of the school, so the focus i sof providing maximum informatik and variol communication options. Can not create good schools without happy, skilled and committed employees.

The main task in this area cooperating to build a team of teachers who are being to develop and grow the school and realizes his own responsibility for her profile.