Říčany school

Profiling the elementary school

Our vision


We are a school where we do not only teach others, but we also teach ourselves.


Our mission


To teach and educate pupils as reflective beings who take responsibility for their learning; to lead them to mutual respect, esteem, solidarity and compassion for everyone

and everything around us.


A word from the school headmaster


Let me begin by paying tribute to our teachers and students for the energy they put into their journey of discovery.

We make every effort to prepare our pupils not only for further studies, but also for the pitfalls of life around us. We support each individual pupil's direction for their future learning journey and understanding of themselves.

Our pupils learn the principles of communication

and coexistence between people. They have a lot of room

to develop language, science and IT skills. We lead them

to mutual understanding and solidarity. We strive to make them feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of our school environment. The 3rd Primary School at Říčany Forest was established in 2010 by the town of Říčany. The school offers pupils innovative and quality education. Our teachers continue to educate themselves, enrich their teaching with new trends and work with modern technologies.

We are one of the bigger schools – 700 pupils attend it..

The school environment provides facilities and equipment

for the overall development and education of the children.

We cultivate  the right attitudes and values for life in the pupils, promote their character, channel their temperament and creative thinking in the areas of education. It is up to individual pupils to gradually take responsibility

for themselves; our teachers are there for them.

Mgr. Dalibor Dudek


Cooperation with other institutions and organisations


Pedagogical and psychological counselling centre

MAP for the success of our schools in the Říčany region

Museum Říčany

British Council - Cambridge English

J. A. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

Post Bellum - Memory of the Nation

Czech Olympic Committee - Olympic multiathlon

Konto Bariéry

Jedlička Institute Foundation

Volunteer Fire Brigade Říčany


Organising and co-organising


District round of the Olympic multiathlon

Topical workshops for parents

Cafés with topical issues for parents

Publication of topical magazines for parents

Leisure activities for pupils


A quality staff that leads students to develop competencies


Knowledge as a necessary theoretical basis and understanding

Skills – from physical to organisational skills

Taking stances – from objectivity to risk-taking

Strengthening social values and traditions


What we offer


Everything at one place (lessons, sports, recreation, professional workplaces)

Thoughtful infrastructure to support the overall development of the child:

School counselling centre

Computer classrooms

Language laboratory

Specialized science classroom

Botanical Centre

Sports area

School library

Listening Room

Music and drama Workshop

training flat with a kitchen

Modern teaching

Individualisation of English language teaching through an IT software

Project-based learning connects school with real life

Exploratory learning allows students to gain practical experience

Integrated topic-based teaching presents the connections between subjects

Peer learning and peer support in teaching

Promoting talent and giftedness through learning groups

Active participation in professional learning olympiads

Language trips abroad

Annual topical days

The Curious Pupils project to promote talent and talent

Graduate theses under professional guidance


We believe that students' path to education leads through


promoting and developing independent thinking,

creative approach to problem solving,

responsible decision-making with

accepting responsibility for oneself and others

understanding of the relationships and laws of nature,

communication (language skills, use of IT)

cooperation (team and co-operative skills),

respect not only generally applicable principles but also moral values,

discovering, embracing and developing cultural and social values,

orientation in the adult world

ability to cope with possible failure


We strive for our school graduates to


be balanced personalities, with healthy self-confidence and self-esteem,


approach to their rights and commitments responsibly,

have respect for  life,

respect the rights of others,

be tolerant, respectful of differences,

respect the principle of equality between people,

have respect for cultural heritage,

have with a positive relationship to the natural environment,

be informed about the needs of individuals

be familiar with the emotional aspects of a person,

develop their knowledge and skills while learning new experiences and practical applications,

be able to use the acquired knowledge, skills and habits in practical life,

be capable of all-round cooperation.




3. základní škola u Říčanského lesa Říčany, příspěvková organizace

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Czech Republic

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